Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Let the Little Guys Hunt: Youth gun deer hunt Oct. 9-10

MADISON - The ninth annual Wisconsin Youth Gun Deer Hunt will take place statewide on Oct. 9-10.

Under Wisconsin’s Mentored Hunting Law, now in its second season, hunters as young as 10 years of age may participate -- with or without hunter education certification -- in the youth gun deer hunt with a mentor. The mentored hunting law also allows deer hunting during later seasons.

The early date of the hunt provides milder weather allowing more time in the field under more comfortable conditions for the youngsters and their hunting mentors. In addition to giving youths their own opportunity to experience the traditions of deer hunting in Wisconsin, the focus is on the youth and allows more time for the mentor to share skills and teach their charges how to hunt safely and ethically.

The hunt will be held in all deer management units (DMUs) statewide, except State Park units, Ft. McCoy, Chambers Island, Menominee County and the Apostle Islands other than Madeline Island.

How to participate

Wisconsin now has two programs designed to introduce youths to deer hunting under controlled conditions and under close supervision of an adult hunter.

1. Youth hunters 12 through 15 years of age (resident and non-resident) who possess a hunter education certificate of accomplishment and a gun deer hunting license may hunt deer Oct. 9-10 accompanied by an adult 18 years of age or older. “Accompany” means the adult is within both visual and voice contact of the youth. The adult does not have to be a licensed hunter or a hunter education graduate to accompany one or two youth who are at least 12 years of age and have completed a hunter education course.

Adults accompanying youth hunters:

o may not “gun hunt” for deer during the youth hunt, but may possess a bow or gun and hunt for another game species that is open for them to hunt at that time;

o may not accompany more than two youth hunters during the youth gun deer hunt at any given time.

2. Youth hunters 10-11 years of age, or youth hunters 12-15 years of age who do not possess a hunter education certificate, but possess a mentored gun deer hunting license must be “mentored” by an adult who is within arm’s reach at all times during the hunt.

Qualified adult mentors:

o must be at least 18 years of age and have the youth’s parent or guardian’s permission to mentor the youth hunter;

o must possess a valid hunting license for the current year (any type of game), unless they are mentoring a youth on land that the mentor owns;

o must be a graduate of a hunter education course or have completed basic training with the U.S. Armed Force if the mentor was born on or after Jan. 1, 1973, they;

o may only mentor one youth hunter who is age 10 or 11, or who has not completed hunter education at any given time.

o may not accompany more than two youth hunters. If one youth is hunting under “mentored hunter” rules, the adult may “accompany” no more than one other youth at the same time and only if the second youth is at least 12 to 15 years of age and has completed hunter education.

Additionally, only one firearm may be possessed between the mentor and youth who is age 10 or 11, or who has not completed hunter education, if participating in the youth gun deer hunt.

Qualified youth hunters may harvest one buck deer on their gun buck deer carcass tag and additional antlerless deer with the appropriate carcass tag valid in the unit in which they are hunting. Earn-a-buck restrictions do not apply in EAB units during the youth hunt if the “gun buck deer carcass tag” is used. All hunters and their mentors must observe blaze orange clothing requirements.

If the youth has completed a hunter education course within the last year, they may receive one free antlerless tag from a DNR Service Center during open hours. These antlerless tags are valid statewide during any archery or gun season, including the youth deer hunt.

All deer, bear, and small game hunters, with the exception of waterfowl hunters, also are required to meet blaze orange requirements on these two days.

More information on the youth deer hunt and Mentored Hunting Law is available on the DNR Web site and in the 2010 Wisconsin Deer Hunting Regulations.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Jason Fleener - (608) 261-7589 or Bob Manwell - (608) 264-9248

Source: Wisconsin DNR

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nine Wisconsin Hunters Convicted in Montana for Illegally Hunting and Tagging Deer

HORICON – Nine Wisconsin hunters were among 12 persons convicted recently as part of a multi-year investigation of illegal hunting activities in Montana. The total amount of fines, bond and restitution collected in the case was $17,416.

The 12 defendants also lost a total of 63 years of hunting, fishing and trapping privileges in the 34 states participating in the Interstate Wildlife Violators Compact, according to Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks officials.

“Those revocations also apply in Wisconsin,” noted WI DNR conservation warden Paul Nell, Horicon, who, along with WI DNR conservation warden Kyle Kosin, Fond du Lac, assisted Montana officials with the investigation.

“The investigation could best be described as an evolving case, with us interviewing a suspect and than just like that another name would pop up,” noted Nell.

“The probe took two years and the convictions were the product of great cooperation between Montana and Wisconsin,” he added.

Besides assisting with the investigation, the Wisconsin conservation wardens seized a number of firearms, antlers and mounted deer and antelope heads.

Two of the defendants were from Montana and another from North Dakota. The Wisconsin defendants and their case dispositions in Montana include:

Michael L. Leinen, 65, and Ron M. Leinen Jr., 40, both of West Bend. The elder Leinen used another person’s license and killed a white-tailed buck without a license. He was assessed $1,270 in bond forfeiture and restitution. The younger man used another person’s license (two counts) and possessed an unlawfully killed antelope. He forfeited a $1,005 bond. Both men lost privileges to hunt, fish and trap for two years.

Scott Vercauteren, 37, and Lanna Vercauteren, 36, both of Campbellsport. Lanna loaned a license to another person and forfeited $235 bond. Scott killed three mule deer bucks, a turkey and an antelope without licenses; used other people’s licenses and failed to properly validate a license. Total bond forfeited and restitution, $5,040. Lost privileges to hunt, fish and trap for three years.

Scott Morenzien, 32, of Fond du Lac. Possessed an unlawfully killed mule deer buck. Total bond forfeited and restitution, $1,035. Lost privileges to hunt, fish and trap for two years.

Larry Morenzien, 51, of Kewaskum. Possessed an unlawfully killed white-tailed buck and mule deer buck. Total bond forfeited and restitution, $2,070. Lost privileges to hunt, fish and trap for two years.

Dennis G. Wittkopf, 67, and Scott D. Wittkopf, 32, both of Fond du Lac. Each possessed two unlawfully killed white-tailed bucks and each paid $2,070 in forfeited bond and restitution. Dennis lost privileges to hunt, fish and trap for two years.

Tammy Wittkopf, 34, also of Fond du Lac, possessed a single unlawfully killed white-tailed buck. She paid $1,035 in forfeited bond and restitution. Tammy and Scott Wittkopf each lost privileges to hunt, fish and trap for 10 years.

News Release Published: September 21, 2010 by the South Central Region

Contact(s): Paul Nell, Conservation Warden, Horicon: 920-387-7880
Source: Wisconsin DNR

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Archery Deer Registration/CWD Sampling Stations and Food Pantry Drop-Off Locations

FITCHBURG – Bow deer registration stations are now set in the Department of Natural Resources 11-county South Central Region (SCR) and the chronic wasting disease – Management Zone (CWD-MZ) of southern Wisconsin.

There are two archery hunting seasons in the Region. Hunters are advised to check the 2010 Wisconsin Deer Hunting Regulations booklet for more detailed information.

Most of SCR and southeast Wisconsin are located in the CWD-MZ where the bow season runs from September 18 to Jan. 9, 2011, under the Earn-a-buck prerequisite.

Earn-A-Buck in the CWD-MZ

Hunters in the CWD-MZ must first shoot an antlerless deer before they can harvest a buck during both the archery and gun seasons. Archers must wear blaze orange anytime there is a gun season in the CWD-MZ.

Registration All deer killed in the CWD-MZ must be registered no later than 5:00 p.m. on the day after it was harvested within the unit of kill or adjacent unit of kill within the CWD-MZ.

Deer Donation

Hunters in the CWD-MZ will again be able to drop-off their deer at participating meat processors as well as at DNR operated registration stations. Last year, hunters donated about 1,100 to feed those in need.

Where to Go for More Information

Those interested in the latest information on CWD in Wisconsin can visit the DNR Web site at:

A listing of registration stations is available at:$.startup

Below are the archery season registration stations by county. Hunters are strongly advised to call ahead before bringing their deer in for registration to verify hours of operation.

NOTE: CWD Sampling Stations are in Bold Print

Columbia County

Cambria – The Dump Bar, 105 W. Edgewater St., 920-348-5733

Columbus – Columbus West BP, Hwy. 16/60 & 151, 920-623-9740

Lodi – Lodi Sausage Co. & Meat Market, 150 S. Main St., 608-592-3534 (will also accept food pantry deer)

Lodi – Lodi Kwik Mart (Mobil), 430 N. Main St., 608-592-3311

Pardeeville – Ledlow’s Country Store, Hwy. 22 & CTH CM, 608-429-3584

Pardeeville – Pardeeville Sport Marine, W6209 Hwy. 33, 608-429-3036

Portage – Blystone Repair Service, 1201 West Hwy. 33, 608-742-4228

Portage – Mobil Express Travel Plaza, 2725 New Pinery Rd., 608-745-4391

Portage – Owens Live Bait, 2528 New Pinery Rd., 608-617-4188

Poynette – D&G Custom Meat Processing, N4173 Hwy. 51, 608-635-2140 (will also accept food pantry deer)

Poynette – North Point Plaza BP Station, W9290 CTH CS (at 90/94), 608-635-7139

Rio – LR’s Place, 116 Lincoln Ave., 920-992-6029

Dane County (all telephone numbers are in Area Code 608)

Belleville – Sugar River Sports, 479 Hwy. 69, 424-6045

Black Earth – DNR Sample Site, Norslien’s Wood Works, 4738 Hwy. 78, 574-3862 (call for appointment and keep the deer head chilled; will also accept food pantry deer)

Black Earth – Black Earth Meats, 1345 Mill St., 767-3940 (will also accept food pantry deer)

Cottage Grove – Stoddard’s Country Grove Market, 205 E. Cottage Grove Rd., 839-4228 (will also accept food pantry deer)

Blue Mounds – Dick’s Quality Meats, 10345 CTH ID ( Hwy. 18/151 & Erbe Rd.), 843-1944 (will also accept food pantry deer)

Deerfield – Animal Arts, 410 Parkview Rd., 764-8642

Madison – D&S Bait Shop, 1411 Northport Dr., 241-4225

Madison – Dorn True Value, 1348 S. Midvale Blvd., 274-2511

McFarland – McFarland True Value, 4725 Farwell St., 838-4285

Mt. Vernon – Gone Fish Inn, 8646 Davis St., 832-6289

Oregon – Gary Wille’s Auto and Tire, 870 N. Main St., 835-7339

Stoughton – Stoughton Lumber Co., 3188 Deer Point Dr., 873-4141

Waunakee – Fred’s Village Market, 112 W. Main St., 849-5393 (will also accept food pantry deer)

Dodge County (all telephone numbers are in Area Code 920)

Beaver Dam – BP South, 1112 Madison St., 887-9220

Juneau – Wild Goose Station, W5948 Hwy. 33, 386-4949

Juneau – Woods and Waters Taxidermy, N4187 O’Sixty Rd., 696-3382

Kekoskee – Marsh Inn, 23 CTH Y North, 387-2555

Lebanon – Lebanon Sport Haus, N1749 CTH R, 925-3752

Randolph – Otter’s Inn, 179 Stark St., 326-4350

Reeseville – Soldner’s Stop N’ Shop, 209 S. Main St., 927-5444

Waupun – Holliday Food and Sport, 715 W. Main St., 324-4062

Watertown – Dew Drop Inn, 1027 N. Fourth St., 261-4566

Grant County (all telephone numbers are in Area Code 608)

Arthur – LJ’s Bad Penny Bar and CafĂ©, 9396 Hwy 80 N, 348-8829

Bloomington – Bloomington Meats, 413 Canal St., 994-2867

Boscobel – Krachey’s Standard, 601 Elm St., (STH 61), 375-2660

Cassville – Amoco Station, 316 Denniston St., 725-5181

Castle Rock – Castle Rock Inn, 15040 Shemak Rd., 943-8525

Cuba City – Rich’s Petro Shop, 200 N. Main, 744-2828

Dickeyville – Donnie’s Tire and Auto, 314 S. Main, 568-3014

Fennimore – Casey’s General Store, 1135 12th St., 822-4757

Fennimore – Hidden View Butcher, 5308 Hwy. 18, 822-7080

Glen Haven – Up the Street, 13215 Main St., 794-2245

Lancaster – Cenex, 319 Hwy. 61N, 723-3777

Mount Hope – Family Depot, 104 E. Main St., 988-4485

Muscoda – Muscoda Mini-Mart, 102 N. Wisconsin Ave., 739-3733

Patch Grove – New Horizon’s Coop, Hwy. 35, 994-2756

Platteville – Jeff’s Mini-Mart, 820 Mason St. (at Hwy. 81W), 348-3647

Potosi – Hometown Grocery, 106 N. Main, 763-4000

Woodman – Whistle Stop Tavern, 401 Main St., 533-2200

Green County (all telephone numbers are in Area Code 608)

Albany – County E Locker, N6833 CTH E, 862-1320 (will also accept food pantry deer)

Brodhead – Cardinal Lanes, 2107 First Center Ave., 897-2162

Brooklyn – Kounty Korners, 108 Hotel St., 455-9221

Juda – Rackow Family Sausage, N1943 Schindler Rd., 325-4547

Monroe – Martin’s Sport Shop, 1016 17th Ave., 325-3370

Monticello – Donna’s Place, 135 N. Main, 938-4004

New Glarus – Hoesly’s Meats, 219 Industrial Dr., 527-2513 (will also accept food pantry deer)

New Glarus – Ott Haus Pub & Grill, 406 2nd St., 527-2218

Iowa County –(all telephone numbers are in Area Code 608)

Avoca – Avoca Easy Shop, 401 E. Main St., 532-6395

Barneveld – Eagle Mart Stop-N-Go BP, 8029 Hwy. 151, 924-3228 (registering when DNR Station is not open)

Barneveld – DNR Sample Site next to Eagle Mart Stop-N-Go BP, 574-4956 (call for appointment and keep the deer head chilled; will also accept food pantry deer)

Dodgeville – Jumping Jupiter General Store, 4062 Hwy. 23, 935-1388

Highland – Palan’s Outpost Sporting Goods, 1358 CTH BH, 623-2822

Hollandale – Good Times Log Cabin, 307 Main St., 967-2119

Mineral Point – Five Point Cheese & Liquor, 319 S. Commerce St., 987-3248

Jefferson County

Cambridge – Lake Ripley Dead End Bar, N4098 Marina Lane, 608-423-2117

Fort Atkinson – Norm’s Hideaway, W8639 Kuehn Rd., 608-884-4823

Hubbleton – Boondocks, W7071 Main St., 920-478-2936

Ixonia – Cruising 16 BP, W1168 Hwy. 16, 920-261-9463

Jefferson – River’s Edge Farm Market, 843 S. Whitewater St., 920-674-6466 (will also accept food pantry deer)

Sullivan – Ley’s Bark River Lanes, W1914 CTH F, 262-593-2422

Kenosha County

Paddock Lake Sporting Goods – 23522 75th St., 262-843-1625

Lafayette County (all telephone numbers are in Area Code 608)

Argyle – Kraus Deer Processing, 16990 Valley Rd., 543-9624 (will also accept food pantry deer)

Belmont – Belmont Fresh Meats, 115 S. Mound Ave., 762-6992 (will also accept food pantry deer)

Belmont – Belmont Travel Center, 102 W. Mound View Ave., 762-6250

Benton – Zephyr Depot, 119 E. Main St., 759-6281

Blanchardville – Husie’s Bar, 211 S. Main St., 523-4085

Blanchardville – 4 Seasons Resort, 18272 Lake Rd., 523-1543

Darlington – Darlington Mini-Mart, Hwy. 23S-81W, 776-2877

Darlington – Fayette Bar, 10990 CTH D, 776-2982

Gratiot – Gratiot Fast Stop, 10360 Hwy. 11, 922-3381

Gratiot – Wells Processing, 7881 Hwy. 78, 922-3361

New Diggings – Anton’s General Store, 26320 CTH W, 965-4881

South Wayne – Holverson Meat Processing, 103 Center St., 439-5339

Woodford – Lelle’s Bar, 10740 Main St., 465-3300

Racine County (all telephone numbers are in Area Code 262)

Burlington – Artisan Taxidermy, 282 S. Pine St., 763-4378

Burlington – Berndt’s Hide Service, 30040 Mt. Tom Rd., 539-3470

Tichigan (Waterford) – Ron’s Service Station, 8226 Big Bend Rd., 662-2530

Richland County (all telephone numbers are in Area Code 608)

Boaz – Boaz Country Store, 17190 Hwy. 14, 536-3730

Cazenovia – United Cooperative, 101 Hwy. 58S, 983-2626

Port Andrew – The Port, 14750 Hwy. 60, 537-2676

Rockbridge – Natural Bridge Store, 17520 Hwy. 80, 647-4673

Richland Center - The Phoenix Center, 649-7469

Rock County (all telephone numbers are in Area Code 608)

Beloit – Kauffman’s Country Store, 9550 W. STH 81, 608-362-1750

Clinton – Chad’s Taxidermy, 11102 S. Larson Rd., 921-5666 (will also accept food pantry deer)

Evansville – Evansville Gas & Go, 350 N. Union St., 882-9943

Footville – Footville Meat Market, 280 N. Gilbert, 876-6323 (will also accept food pantry deer)

Janesville – J & R Express (BP Gas Station), 650 Midland Rd., 608-758-3540

Milton – Milton Bait & Tackle, 24 S. Clear Lake Ave., 868-4421

Sauk County (all telephone numbers are in Area Code 608)

Baraboo – Viking Express II, 818 8th St., 356-6969

Baraboo – Gander Mountain, 315 W. Pine, 356-9800

Hillpoint – Alive Look Taxidermy, 2772E CTH N/Hwy. 130, 583-3243

Lake Delton – Lake Delton Shell Station, 532 Munroe Ave., 254-7995

LaValle – Corner Express, 112 E. Main St., 985-7517

Leland – Sprecher’s Bar, E7425 CTH C, 544-2054

Loganville – Cenex, 150 Main St., 727-2211

Merrimac – Lakeside Country Store, E12965 Hwy. 78, 493-2019

Plain – I-Diehl Tap, 400 Main St., 546-2323

Reedsburg – Viking Express I, 1375 E. Main St., 524-3777

Sauk City – Wilderness Fish and Game, 500 Water St., 643-2433

Spring Green – Woody’s, LLC, E5016 Hwy. 14, 588-2717

Walworth County (all telephone numbers are in Area Code 262)

Delavan – Bob Black Meat Processing, 130 Harrison St., 728-3985 (will also accept food pantry deer)

East Troy – East Troy BP, 1880 CTH ES, 642-5744

Pell Lake – Haven’s Bar & Grill, 1282 N. Lakeshore Dr., 295-8558

Whitewater – Pete’s Tire Service, W8285 Sunrise Ln., 473-8788

Waukesha County (all telephone numbers are in Area Code 262)

Dousman – Wales Tales Archery, 109 N. Main St., 443-4142

Mukwonago – Village Mini Mart (Citgo), 201 S. Rochester St., 363-5102

North Prairie – Bill’s Self Service Mini Mart, 102 E. State Rd., 392-2105

Oconomowoc – 5 O’s Holiday, 748 E. Wisconsin Ave., 560-9673

Waukesha – Wern Valley Sportsmens Club, S36 W29657 CTH D, 968-2400

In addition to the sampling and registration stations in the CWD-MZ, hunters can drop-off their deer carcass for donation to the food pantry program at eight locations in southern Wisconsin. Hunters must first register their deer and have it sampled for CWD before they can bring the carcass to one of the following locations:

Columbia County

Rio – Johnson’s Sausage Shoppe, 416 Hwy. 16, 608-992-6328

Dodge County

Watertown – Detjen’s Country Cutting, 109 Emerald St., 920-261-7807

Grant County

Fennimore – The Butcher Shop, 4391 Hwy. 18, 608-822-6712

Jefferson County

Johnson Creek – Pernat-Haase Meats, 312 Milwaukee St., 920-386-3340

Lafayette County

Darlington – Avon Locker, 12026 Hwy. 23, 608-776-2336

Richland County

Richland Center – Richland Locker Co. Inc., 590 S. Main St., 647-4577

Rock County

Milton – Wegner’s Deer Processing, 214 E. Manogue Rd., 608-868-4022

Sauk County

Plain – Straka Meats, 915 Alma Ave., 608-546-3301

News Release Published: September 14, 2010 by the South Central Region

Contact(s): Your Local Wildlife Manager or Greg Matthews, Regional Public Affairs Manager, Fitchburg: 608-275-3317
Source: Wisconsin DNR

Antlerless deer hunting prohibited this year in 18 deer management units in Northern Wisconsin

SPOONER, WI. -- Archery and gun hunters are reminded that shooting an antlerless deer is not allowed by most hunters in 18 regular deer management units and the Council Grounds State Park in Northern Wisconsin. Archery and gun antlerless deer carcass tags are not valid in units 7, 13, 28, 29A, 29B, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 49A, 52, and 52A.

“We are trying to re-build the deer herd in these areas, and based on citizen comment we received at our public deer herd status meetings this past spring, we are allowing zero antlerless harvest in these units,” said Michael Zeckmeister, Regional Wildlife Biologist.

There are only a few exceptions to this zero antlerless harvest in these units, Zeckmeister added, and these include certain disabled hunting permit holders, Armed Forces members, and first year hunter education graduates. He also reminds all hunters to check their Deer Hunting Regulations booklet and make sure they know which unit they are hunting in and know the season structure for these units.

Source: Wisconsin DNR
News Release Published: September 13, 2010 by the Northern Region

Contact(s): Mike Zeckmeister (715)635-4090

Thursday, September 2, 2010

New hunting and trapping rules in effect for 2010 seasons

MADISON – Hunters and trappers looking forward to the 2010-2011 seasons will have some new rules to follow as they pursue their fall pastimes. Several of the new rules were requested and supported by hunters and trappers at the annual Spring Rule Hearings. Others have come to life in response to changing wildlife management needs and new technologies.
Most of the newer rules are found in the “What’s New” section of the fall seasons regulations pamphlets and are also listed in a new fact sheet available online on the Hunting and Trapping Regulations page of the Department of Natural Resources website. A few of the newer rules were not finalized until after the paper copies of the regulations went to press but are updated on the DNR website. Hunters and trappers are encouraged to study the regulations pamphlets and check the DNR website under the type of game they intend to pursue to be sure they are aware of any new rules.
Hunters and trappers can also call the DNR Information (1-888-WDNR INFo) line 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. 7 days a week with questions.
A sample of new rules of interest to deer hunters includes:
•The free archery antlerless deer carcass tags that come with a regular archery deer license and patron’s license is NOT VALID in 19 deer management units designated as “Regular Units – Buck Only.

•Archery deer hunters no longer must wait three days from the date of license purchase to go hunting – the license is good immediately when purchased during the open season.

•Scopes or telescopic sights with magnification are now legal on muzzleloaders during the 10-day Nov. 29 – Dec.8 muzzleloader season.

•Whole deer carcasses can now be transported out of the CWD Management Zone or into Wisconsin from CWD areas of other states where CWD has been detected under certain restrictions.

•Deer and bear may now be quartered for easier removal from the field, also subject to certain restrictions.

•Whitefish Dunes and Potawatomi state parks are now open for deer hunting during the nine-day firearm deer season.

•Fall turkey hunters may now use dogs anywhere in the state.

•The bobcat season has been extended through January and split into two separate time periods. Trappers will be able to also use cable restraints for bobcat in the January portion of the season if they have a permit for the second bobcat time period.

•Several changes to the waterfowl season structure include eliminating the Burnett Subzone closed area making it now huntable as part of the exterior zone and implementing new property rules at the Mead and Zeloski Marsh properties.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Scott Loomans – (608) 267-2452

Source: Wisconsin DNR