Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tree stand safety course now available on line

Tree stand safety course now available on line
Weekly News Article Published: January 27, 2009 by the Central Office
MADISON – Climbing a tree is not like riding a bike.
For hunters who scaled trees as children but haven’t done it as an adult, it does not come back with that first leg up a tree branch in search of the keen hunting spot. This is why a Wisconsin hunter education specialist urges hunters to take advantage of a new on-line tree stand safety course. A link to the course can be found on the left hand navigation panel of the Hunter Safety Education pages of the Department of Natural Resources Web site.
“About one-third of all hunters who use tree stands fall from that stand in their hunting careers,” said Tim Lawhern, DNR hunter education administrator. “Being an amateur when it comes to using stands can be a deadly mistake.”
Lawhern says now is a good time to complete the online tree stand safety course, when there aren’t a lot of hunting seasons to keep hunters in the field.

“It’s free, fun and the information could save your life,” Lawhern said. “You must know how to use the equipment necessary for tree stand use. That includes a body harness and knowing well your physical limitations.”

Hunters who wonder what professionals say about tree stand safety should take the course, Lawhern said.

“Amateurs practice until they get things right,” Lawhern said. “Professionals practice until they can’t get them wrong. Become a professional in tree stand safety.”

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Tim Lawhern, DNR Hunter Education Administrator – (608) 266-1317

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