Thursday, April 9, 2009

Earn-A-Buck Update

Earn-A-Buck Update
Ben Halverson

All the talk about the earn-a-buck rule seems to have hit home for the DNR.

According to the Associated Press(April 9, 2009), "The state Department of Natural Resources is recommending a 1-year moratorium on an unpopular rule that requires deer hunters to shoot an antlerless deer before they kill a buck.

DNR Secretary Matt Frank said Thursday the earn-a-buck moratorium would be in effect in all of Wisconsin next season except the chronic wasting disease zone in the southern part of the state." View the rest of the article at:

As this progresses, I will continue to post my thoughts and updates. Please add any comments as to any research you would like me to do or any information you would like me to find.

Source: WKOW website,

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