Sunday, April 5, 2009

Its time to vote on how we hunt

I have been recently reading handfuls of articles regarding the deer population, how we should control the population, what baiting does to the population, etc.... is it time to finally have a set of annual votes for hunters across the state of Wisconsin to vote on.

I know that time and money are not an abundant resource for the DNR nor our state leaders so I think its only fair we cast the one stone that kills both hunting pun intended.

We have heard numerous suggestions on how the 2009 Whitetail Deer Hunting Gun season will be shaped and yet we have not heard how us hunters will have a voice in the final say.

I will state this very simply, come up with your solutions, allow the Wisconsin hunters to voice their opinions, and come up with a voting system that allows hunters to dictate the future of the sport in Wisconsin.

I will continue to research how this will be done, how it has been done in the recent past and get all my readers up to speed.

To be continued....

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