Monday, April 6, 2009

Standing up for the Conservation of Whitetail Deer

Standing up for the Conservation of Whitetail Deer

Whitetail Deer hunting has become a hobby, tradition and passion for many in Wisconsin. One area of deer hunting that Wisconsin hunters are passionate about and yet take for granted is the area of conservation. Wisconsin hunters need to know that present-day deer hunting conditions are the result of the conservation efforts from those who have been passionate in the sport in the past.

It is the duty of those of us who enjoy whitetail hunting to do all that they can to insure the future of the sport. It is inevitable that hunting conditions will change with the public land shrinking, hunters using the form of bait, and the testing of different seasons from our friends at the Department of Natural resources. Although, we cannot fight the inevitable, we should attempt to preserve our hunting rights in areas which remain suitable to the deer herds. We must watch any and all legislative proposals which affect the sport, and we should support those which are beneficial and oppose those which are detrimental to hunting as we know it today. This may seem very straightforward but in light of recent debate over the Earn-A-Buck rule, there is no better time than now to be informed and vocal than now.

With states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan are considering the problem of overpopulation. DNR officials have take the correct approach and asked the hunting public to stand up and voice their opinion and that is what they plan to do. April 13 is when we will all get a chance to voice what we want to see done with the management of game animals. Get informed by listening and if you can, stand up and be heard.

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