Monday, May 25, 2009

2008 Gun Hunting Related Shooting Incidents

2008 Hunting Related Shooting Incidents

On the statewide historical scale, the 2008 Nine-Day Gun Deer Season was the third safest on
record. Our hearts go out to the families who suffered tragic loss of a family member or suffered
injury during the season. Our goal is to eliminate all injury and loss of life while hunting. We
conduct thorough investigations to learn what happened in these incidents so we can work to
prevent such incidents in the future.

There were a total of nine incidents, of which one was fatal (Outagamie County). Shooting at moving deer during deer drives contributed to 56% (5) of all of the incidents during the season, including the fatality. Self inflicted injuries were involved in 44% (4) this season. This was the third time in history that we’ve had a gun deer season with less than 10 incidents. The first season was in 2004 with only 5 incidents reported. Below is a graph depicting the incidents for the gun deer season since 1984, which clearly shows hunting is safe and getting safer.

Source: Wisconsin DNR 2008 Deer Hunting Season Report
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