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Still space in Buckhorn youth learn to hunt workshop and youth hunt

Still space in Buckhorn youth learn to hunt workshop and youth hunt

Weekly News Article Published: July 7, 2009 by the Central Office

NEECEDAH, Wis. – Space is still available for youths interested in a “Learn to Deer Hunt” workshop and special hunt that will be held at Buckhorn State Park located on the Castle Rock Flowage near Neecedah. Applications for the hunt must be received at the park by July 15.
The Buckhorn State Park Youth Deer Hunt Program includes a one-day workshop on August 22 or 23, and a hunt on Nov. 7 and 8. Previous youth hunters had quality deer hunting experiences with their chaperones, according to Joe Stecker-Kochanski, Buckhorn State Park supervisor.

To participate applicants must be age 12 but not older than 17 by Nov. 7, 2009. They must have a hunter education certificate by August 22 and must not have previously participated in a Learn to Deer Hunt program. Participants who have not previously harvested a deer with a firearm will receive preference. Applicants who have harvested a deer with a firearm can still apply, but will be selected on a drawing on July 16 if any spots remain available.

A chaperon must accompany all applicants. Applicants may select a chaperon or authorize Buckhorn Park to assign a qualified chaperon. This person will not be allowed to hunt or carry a firearm and must be at least 21 years old. The chaperon must have at least five years of hunting experience.

Applications are available on the Buckhorn Learn to Deer Hunt Web page and must be submitted by July 15. Successful applicants will be notified about July 24. Note: A student who has participated in the Sandhill youth deer hunt program is not allowed to participate in the

Buckhorn hunt and vice versa.

Successful applicants and their chaperons are required to attend a workshop in order to participate in the hunt. Chaperon must be the same person at both workshop and hunt weekend.
A deer gun hunting license is not required. A back tag will be furnished. This is a bonus deer and will not preclude the harvest of a deer during the regular season. The bag limit will be one deer of either sex. Only shotguns will be permitted; muzzleloaders and rifles are not permitted. A fee will be $25 to cover course and hunt materials.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Buckhorn State Park - (608) 565-2789
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