Thursday, September 3, 2009

Carcass Movement Restrictions

Carcass Movement Restrictions
The most significant CWD-related change for 2009 is that, beginning September 1:

• Importation of whole cervid carcasses (deer,elk, and moose) and certain parts of those
carcasses into Wisconsin from areas within states or provinces where CWD has been
found will be restricted.

• Movement of whole deer carcasses and certain parts of those carcasses from the CWD
Management Zone (CWD-MZ) to elsewhere in the state will also be restricted.

• Hunters will be allowed to move the whole, registered carcasses of deer harvested within
the CWD-MZ into deer management units adjacent to the CWD-MZ.

The purpose of these restrictions on carcass movement is to prevent the importation and movement of the tissues that are most likely to contain CWD into areas of the state where CWD does not yet occur and potentially introducing the disease into those areas. There is more information on these restrictions in the 2009 Wisconsin Deer Hunting Regulations pamphlet including a map of the areas of Wisconsin affected by these restrictions, a list of the restricted parts, and a list of the permitted portions of deer carcasses that can be freely moved into and across the state.

Hunters within the CWD-MZ are encouraged to dispose of deer bones and other carcass waste in ways that will reduce the potential for disease transmission from these potentially infectious parts. Research has shown that engineered landfills are a safe and economical way to dispose of this waste and this is generally the method most readily available to those hunting within the CWD-MZ. However, not all landfills accept this kind of waste and this option may not be available in some situations or areas. To address this, recommendations are being developed for other safe and practical ways to dispose of carcass waste.

Restrictions on the use of rifles that were lifted during the 2008 season continue to apply in 2009. Rifles may be used throughout the CWD-MZ without restriction except in unit 76M, the metro area surrounding Madison. Baiting and feeding deer remain prohibited in all counties that are completely or partially within the CWD-MZ, out of concerns for disease transmission. For more information on deer baiting and feeding restrictions in Wisconsin, see the Deer Baiting section of the Deer Season Forecast.

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