Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rifle use for deer hunting expanded in two areas

Rifle use for deer hunting expanded in two areas
Weekly News Article Published: September 1, 2009 by the Central Office

MADISON - Areas in which rifles are allowed for deer hunting have been expanded this year to include all of Dunn County and that portion of Shawano County south of State Hwy. 29 and west of County Hwy. J, state wildlife officials said.

The change was approved by the Natural Resources Board and now has passed legislative review. The extended areas do not appear in the printed hunting regulations because they were approved after publication deadlines. There is a note near the map, however, that indicates the possibility.

The change was initially proposed to begin with the 2010 season so map adjustments could be included in the regulations pamphlet. Implementation was pushed forward after hunters petitioned the state Department of Natural Resources to make the change in time for this year’s deer season.

Rifles are allowed for deer hunting throughout much of Wisconsin. In all or part of 25 of more populous counties, deer hunters are restricted to shotguns, which have a shorter range. New research into ballistics has shown that rifles – which are more accurate and fire a smaller projectile that is less likely to ricochet – are as safe as shotguns in hunting situations.

The change will take effect Oct. 1 and will be in place for October antlerless gun deer hunts.
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