Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wisconsin fall hunting seasons forecast available

Wisconsin fall hunting seasons forecast available

MADISON – Flocking blackbirds, browning grasses, shorter days and cooler nights all are signs of fall’s arrival and so is the publishing of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ Fall Seasons Forecast. Published for the first time in an electronic magazine format, the department hopes the new presentation will be useful to hunters and wildlife watchers searching for the latest information from DNR biologists, foresters, conservation wardens and scientists on what to expect in the fields and forests this fall.

The new all-electronic version includes clickable links to greater in-depth background and information on dozens of topics as well as tips for hunting upland game and waterfowl.
In addition to statewide and regional outlooks for such popular game as deer, black bear, and waterfowl, the forecast also offers analysis and recommendations for a variety of upland game and furbearers. Season dates, bag limits and new regulations are also highlighted.

A newer feature to the Fall Seasons Forecast will give readers a look at some examples of the research wildlife and social scientists with the department’s Bureau of Science Services are conducting to better understand both the biology and the human dimensions of hunting and land management.

Reminders familiar to past readers include hunter safety, the importance of preseason scouting, and renewing your hunting access contacts with landowners.

Deer hunters urged to check deer management units for antlerless permit status.

Deer hunters viewing the deer season structure maps will notice many more deer management units identified as “regular” units in 2009, especially in the northern third of the state and in the central forest deer management region. Regular units are either close to deer population goals or in some cases below goals. In both cases, antlerless deer tags are limited by a quota and numbers of bonus tags may be low or unavailable for some units. Hunters should check their unit’s status early since it may have changed after several years of herd control status.
And no Fall Seasons Forecast would be complete without a reminder to take someone new out hunting. With the recent signing of Wisconsin’s new Mentored Hunting Law, any licensed hunter can take anyone age 10 and older out hunting under certain conditions without the new hunter having to fulfill hunter safety education requirements. The new law applies to any hunting season and is a great way to do for someone else what someone once took time to do for you.

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