Thursday, October 15, 2009

2009 Whitetail Deer Hunting Season Structure

I was discussing with a colleague the seasons that we have this year for deer hunting and although we could have easily just looked them up, we thought this would be a great post for the blog. Below you will find the whitetail deer hunting seasons in 2009.
  • Archery season: September 12 to January 3 (Earn-a-buck)
  • Youth Season: October 10-11 (exempt from earn-a-buck)
    (Archery hunters can continue to bow hunt but must follow normal gun deer season blaze orange guidelines)
  • Early firearm season: October 15-18 (antlerless-only)
  • Traditional 9-day firearm season: November 21-29 (Earn-a-buck)
  • 10-day muzzleloader-only season: November 30 to December 9 (Earn-a-buck)
  • Late firearm season: December 10-13 (antlerless-only)
  • Holiday firearm season: December 24-January 3 (Earn-a-buck)

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