Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tips for Hunting the Whitetail Rut: Its about that time

Tips for Hunting the Whitetail Rut: Its about that time

In Wisconsin, the best time of year for whitetail hunting is somewhere between now and then. I am sure you are thinking, that sounds ridiculous. Well...it is. The "rut" or otherwise known is the pre, peak, and post breeding moments of the whitetail season.

Everyone has their opinion as to how to hunt the rut but no one person has yet to determine the actual exact peak time. You can assume that the rut phases will be somewhere between September - January but beyond that, pinpointing the exact peak is pretty much a guess as much as it is science.

With that degree of difficulty set in your mind I have compiled a few of the most common tips that everyone can assume will payoff in the field one way or another during the rut season.

1. Hunt areas where there are lots of does. If the women are there, men will come running.

2. Hunt the day. During the rut, even during the day bucks will often move towards the smell of sweet doe. Sounds crazy, but its been proven, so grab a sandwich and stay in your stand for most of the day.

3. During the rut, using a grunt call sometimes doesn't get the attention of the bucks as they are busy chasing estrus does. Therefore, put yourself in prime location to intercept a buck in his travels in looking for a doe. This is best done on rub and scrape lines.

4. Set up shop near a watering hole. Bucks may not feed as often during the rut, but they sure do get thirsty when running all day. Watering holes a great secret that seems to never be told. Probably because it works.

5. Create mock scrapes and mock rubs...for dominant bucks this is a sign that there is someone else trying to get his doe's.

6. If you were looking for women in the woods, where would you go? That's right, at the top of the hill so you can get a better view of the opposite sex. Try a ridge line, bucks may travel this in hopes of pinpointing the love of his life.

7. Ah...the sweet smell of love...there are hundred, maybe thousands of options when it comes to lures, scents, sticks, etc.. try a few doe scent options, not one will be the best, but when you diversify your scents, you reduce your risk of not seeing the big guy.

I hope these tips will help and if you have more, please feel free to leave a comment on this post and I will gladly add it to this list. The more help the better....right?

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