Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Remembering the Hunters and the Tragedy

We all remember the hunters from Northern Wisconsin that lost their lives in a senseless act by another hunter. I will not go into race, I will not go into why it happened as we all either know the story or have heard about the story. All that I ask is that we remember and learn from this tragedy.

Please, this year, be safe, don’t trespass and if you find yourself in an unknown area, be respectful and find your way back out or get help. If you find a trespasser, be courteous, this hunter may not know they are in the wrong spot or on the wrong land. Hunters are hunters regardless of race, color, religion or whatever difference we have. Hunting is a sport that should not have tragedy associated with it.

Good luck this weekend, and be safe. I will post all the pictures and stories I get from you.

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