Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wisconsin Whitetail Gun Deer Season: Getting Ready

Hunters are starting to hang their orange yet and its a good time to throw out some tips to help with preparing for the Wisconsin Whitetail gun deer season.

Sight in your Rifle
Ok, so this one is an easy one to remember but here is the tip that most may not know about. When you sight in your rifle don’t be afraid to take some shots from several different stances. I see a lot of hunters set up at a range sit at a picnic table or gun table, take 10 – 12 shots and call it a day. How often are you sitting at a picnic table or gun table when shooting at a deer? Stand up, take a knee, or even sit down on the ground. Rifle ranges are set up to allow for hunters to shoot from different positions. Remember the rifle range is good for practice so we are safe in the field.

Prepare for Weather:
When packing for the season, thing of two things seasons that are in transition for Wisconsin. Summer and Winter otherwise known as fall. What this means is that we are most likely going to get one form of an extreme or another one or more of the days during the season. Start you packing by packing for the warm 60 degree weather we may get and then pack for the extreme Arctic’s. When you are packed for both you can almost assume you are done as you should be able to mix and match for the weather that pops up. Don’t forget, it will most likely rain or sleet one of the days so an extra pair of boots wont hurt.

Plan to Get Lost:
Note: The most experienced hunters tend to be the most vulnerable to get lost. Forget your pride and carry a compass. Becoming lost with the woods when you have favoring weather conditions is one thing. Becoming lost when the weather is 5 – 10 degrees below zero, that becomes very dangerous. If you got lost and its cold you will need to start a fire. Pack a zip lock bag of matches, a canteen, and a couple granola bars. This may be the bare necessities, but at least you will get through the night.

Plan to Communicate
With today’s radio, cell phone, GPS, etc…there should be no reason why you and your hunting party cannot stay in contact. As a party, come up with a communication plan and don’t be afraid to use it. You won’t scare deer away if it’s the simple use of a ear phone stuck in your ear. Having fun during the season is what it’s all about so don’t turn fun into tragedy because a party member is lost.

Safety First
Know your shooting lanes! Wear your safety harness! Don’t drive your ATV with a loaded gun! Know your surroundings! Be safe and enjoy this years whitetail season.

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