Thursday, December 10, 2009

Monster Whitetail Shot With Muzzleloader in Wisconsin

Is this the muzzleloader recordd for the State of Wisconsin?  Unnoficial score was 203"

Here is the story from a fellow hunter:

This was shot south of LaCrosse with a muzzleloader last Tuesday (12/1/09). It was bedded along the fence line as the guy was tilling up his fields. It never moved in two passes so he left the tractor idling and went and got his muzzleloader. He snuck withing 50 yards downwind and whistled to get the buck to stand up. When he did, he dropped him. The best part is (a friend)Eric hunted this farm for 4 straight days through the gun season only seeing does and small bucks. But his treestand was in the background of one of the pictures that Chris saw.

Chris was told that the state record with a muzzleloader is somewhere around 196" and the world is around 201". This buck was first scored around 203".

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