Friday, December 4, 2009

Political push for a new DNR Wildlife Management Team?

Two years of poor hunting seasons and a growing number of concerns for the deer herd has brought on a request for change in the DNR Wildlife Management team.  This request however is not coming from local hunters, its coming from state representative Russ Decker(D).
According to the WEAU news release "Democratic Senator Russ Decker says the DNR has mismanaged the deer herd and a new team needs to be brought in to do the job. Decker is calling on the Secretary of the DNR Matt Frank to make the replacement and if he doesn't the DNR board should.

DNR Conservation Warden Michael Young says warm weather, corn and wet conditions were responsible for a disappointing deer season. Decker adds the DNR is a master of excuses and hunters are sick of them.

He believes they need a management team that knows what they are doing and will listen to hunters."

Hunters across the state are reporting poor hunts, lack of deer, and confusion on the need of more seasons.  Many questions still need to be addressed by the DNR in the next few months but hunters are going to want to know the following for sure: What is the DNR doing to determine actual whitetail deer herd counts in Wisconsin?  If the deer herd is determined to be down, why are increasing hunting seasons?

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