Thursday, January 7, 2010

29 Wisconsin Felons Arrested for Deer Hunting

According to the article from the Piece County Herald, 29 felons were arrested during the 2009 Wisconsin whitetail deer hunting season which according to the DNR the highest in seven years. 

Rest of the Article:
MADISON - Twenty-nine Wisconsin felons were arrested for deer hunting with a gun in November. And the DNR says that’s the highest number in the last seven years.

Chief warden Randy Stark says felons cannot possess firearms under state or federal laws – but they can still buy hunting licenses.

State Assembly Democrat Jeff Smith of Eau Claire wants to change that. He’s working on a bill to ban felons from buying any kind of gun license for hunting – and violators would pay fines of up to a-thousand-dollars. Nine felons were arrested for weapon possession in the 2008 gun deer season. Sixteen were picked up in ’07, and nine in ’06.


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