Monday, August 23, 2010

Two more state parks open to hunting for regular gun deer season November 20-28

News Release Published: August 23, 2010 by the Northeast Region

Contact(s): Don McKinnon, Supervisor, Potawatomi State Park, 920-746-2893

Rick Ostrowski, Park Manager, Whitefish Dunes State Park, 920-823-2400

Potawatomi and Whitefish Dunes open to hunting during the 9 day gun deer season only
STURGEON BAY, Wis. – This year, for the first time, Potawatomi and Whitefish Dunes State Parks in Door County will be open to deer hunting during Wisconsin’s regular gun deer season, November 20-28, 2010.
The parks will not be open to hunting during any other early or late-season deer hunts, included in herd reduction areas, muzzleloader dates, special youth or disabled hunts, or other special hunting opportunities.
While hunting enhances recreational opportunities in the parks, its primary objective is vegetative and resource management. Once implemented, hunting will continue long-term in both parks.
DNR staff and other natural resources professionals agree that deer over-browsing is a serious problem at these parks. Forest regeneration is severely lacking and even completely absent in some areas. Ongoing deer management is necessary to maintain a healthy and balanced ecosystem. Any attempts to promote forest regeneration will be ineffective until deer browsing is under control.
The parks will allow firearms that are allowed for gun deer hunting in Door County, including rifles, shotguns, muzzleloaders, and handguns. Archery hunting is not allowed.
DNR strongly recommends that hunters review the 2010 Wisconsin Deer Hunting Regulations for restrictions on firearms. All firearms must be unloaded and enclosed within a carrying case when in or on a motor vehicle or within a closed area of the park. Hunters may enter the parks 1 hour prior to opening hunting hours.
Certain areas of the parks will be closed to hunting, and regular park users will still be able to use the parks during the hunting season. In fact, this 9-day deer season framework was chosen to have the least impact on other park users. The DNR recommends that anyone using any areas of these parks during this regular hunting season wear blaze orange as a safety precaution. Park users are in the parks at their own risk.
Hunters are advised to also consult the 2010 hunting regulations for additional information on hunting on state-owned lands. Certain hunting regulations relating to ground blinds, tree stands, casing of weapons, etc. apply when hunting on state property. Hunters may not pursue wounded deer into closed areas or drive deer from closed areas. Remember that any time a vehicle stops in a state park, a vehicle admission sticker is required.

Source: Wisconsin DNR

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