Friday, October 29, 2010

Deer Registration and Carcass Transportation in CWD Zone

MADISON – Hunters are reminded that all deer killed in the chronic wasting disease Management Zone (CWD-MZ) of south central Wisconsin must be registered no later than 5:00 p.m. on the day after it was harvested within the unit of kill or an adjacent unit within the CWD-MZ.

“There still appears to be some confusion among hunters on registering deer in the CWD Management Zone so now is a good time to remind bow hunters while the season is ongoing and those (hunters) getting ready for the November gun-deer season,” said CWD coordinator Davin Lopez.

Not all stations that register deer in the CWD-MZ sample deer for the disease, noted Lopez, and hunters should either call ahead or check the DNR’s web site for stations that will remove samples from your deer to test for CWD.
Most of DNR’s South Central Region and a good part of the agency’s Southeast Region lie within the CWD-MZ. Hunters are advised to check the 2010 Wisconsin Deer Hunting Regulations booklet for a map of the CWD-MZ and other details.

Hunters who will be transporting their deer out of the CWD-MZ are further reminded that whole deer carcasses and certain restricted parts – brain, spinal chord and lymphoid tissue – can only be transported to other areas of the state if they are taken to a licensed meat processor or taxidermist within 72 hours of registration.

This rule is designed to “help hunters so they can get their deer processed and mounted closer to home, while still ensuring the responsible disposal of potentially infectious materials,” pointed out Lopez.

Where to Go Online for More Information

A listing of registration stations is available at:$.startup

Look for those that are listed as “CWD-Registration and Testing” for stations that will remove samples for CWD testing.

Hunters interested in the latest information on CWD in Wisconsin can visit the DNR web site at:

News Release Published: October 26, 2010 by the South Central Region
Contact(s): Davin Lopez, CWD Coordinator, Madison: 608-267-7857 Jason Fleener, Wildlife Biologist, Madison: 608-261-7589
Source: Wisconsin DNR

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