Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Inner city kids get archery, hunting thanks to warden

APPLETON, Wis. – The thrills of archery, scouting pheasants and simple fun outdoors have reached hundreds of inner city Milwaukee students thanks to the dedication and efforts of an honored state conservation warden.

The Wisconsin Bowhunters Association on March 5 named Gervis Myles as their Warden of the Year for 2011 during a ceremony at the group’s weekend conference in Appleton.

“Gervis’ service to the Milwaukee residents of all ages, but especially to the youth, has been outstanding,” DNR Chief Warden Randy Stark said of Myles. “For his12 years as a conservation warden, Gervis has worked hard to get the entire community interested and involved in natural resources issues – and that includes enjoying outdoor recreation.”

Myles became a warden in 1998 and has served his career to date in Milwaukee County.
“Gervis went to work immediately addressing concerns about the illegal taking of big bucks in Milwaukee-area parks,” Stark said. “He spent hours answering complaints from concerned citizens about baiting, illegal stands and the illegal harvest.”

Myles added to his warden portfolio by earning his certification in the National Archery in the Schools Program in 2006. Equipped with his instructor credentials, Myles worked with the Milwaukee-areas schools to introduce the sport to more than 700 students. When 60 middle school students wanted to give archery a try but didn’t have an adequate space, Myles converted the DNR headquarters main conference room in Milwaukee into an archery range for an afternoon.

Myles also was key in helping 32 individuals earn their archery instructor credentials in recent years to get even more children exposed to the sport.

This past year, Myles also organized a “Learn to Hunt Pheasant” outing for several Milwaukee inner city children at the DNR’s McKenzie Center in Poynette.

And, with an eye on the future, Myles also has spent time talking about natural resources careers with Milwaukee youth.

“We thank the Wisconsin Bowhunters for recognizing Gervis for his years of outstanding service to the community and the resources,” Stark said.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Rick Reed, Conservation Warden Supervisor, Waukesha – 262-574-2160 or Joanne Haas, Bureau of Law Enforcement, Madison - 608-267-0798

Source: Wisconsin DNR(http://dnr.wi.gov/news/DNRNews_Lookup.asp?id=265#art3)

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